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Prayers for Bishop Miles’ Canonization

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To obtain beatification of Bishop Richard Pius Miles, O.P.

Biography of Bishop Miles

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Richard Miles is one of the unsung heroes of American Catholicism, and especially of its move beyond the Appalachians.

Birth and childhood

He was born on May 17th, 1791, the youngest of seven children born to a builder in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Miles family joined, five years later, a sizeable emigration of Maryland Catholics to Kentucky, and established themselves… [More]

The Cause

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Bishop Richard Pius Miles, O.P. was the first Bishop of Nashville. He heroically erected the Church of Tennessee while living a life of kindness, piety, and love. In 1972, when Bishop Miles’ body was exhumed for translation to a new tomb at the Church of St. Mary’s of the Seven Dolours, it was found incorrupt after 112 years. The goal of this website is to urge the Diocese of Nashville and the Catholic Church to proclaim him a saint.