Prayers for Bishop Miles

To obtain beatification of
Bishop Richard Pius Miles, O.P.

Almighty God,
you called the people of Tennessee
to the light of the Gospel
by the ministry of your servant
Richard Pius Miles.

May his dedication to the Eucharist,
his heroic endurance of frontier hardships,
his compassion and kindness to the poor,
and his willingness to minister despite suffering
inspire and guide the Christian people
to follow his example and find life incorruptible.

We beg you to grant the favors we ask
through his intercession
so that his holiness may be recognized by all
and the Church may proclaim him a saint.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.

For favors to be granted through the intercession of
Bishop Richard Pius Miles, O.P.

Eternal Father,
by your mercy and love,
and through the power of the Holy Spirit,
you enable ordinary men to do extraordinary things.

As you blessed Bishop Richard Pius Miles
to build the holy Church
for a people without the sacraments
even when it seemed impossible,
and as you preserved him incorrupt
as he slept in the grave,
so too can you, if you will it,
do all things.

If it be pleasing to you, O Lord,
glorify your servant, Bishop Miles,
by granting the favor I now request
through his prayerful intercession:

(mention your request here)

Grant this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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